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The Circular Overpile Stacker Reclaimer, COSR Product Line provides an excellent method for Fully Automated Storage and Reclaim of many bulk materials. Storing up to 115,000 tons of coal at 55 lb/ft3 or 60,000 tons of Wood Waste at 20 lbs/ ft3 the COSR is one of the most cost effective methods of Bulk Material Storage.

The COSR combines Fully Automated Stacking and Fully Automated Reclaiming in one machine. Operation of the COSR is performed remotely. The COSR includes a complete control room with PLC and MCC's. The Stacker and the Reclaimer can be controlled separately from different remote locations or DCS's.

Total Live Storage is achieved with the COSR. 100% of the material stacked under the COSR is accessible by the automated reclaimer requiring no mobile equipment or labor.

Dust and particulate emissions are minimized through the stacker luffing design. This allows the stacker to lower the boom discharge chute to its lowest point before beginning stack out. The boom then automatically raises in small pre-set increments as the storage pile makes contact with the boom/ pile limit switches.

The COSR along with all peripheral equipment is installed above grade requiring minimal civil works.

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Storage Capacity

Stacking Capacity

Maintenance Requirements

Civil Requirements

Dust Emissions
Minimized with luffing option

Live Storage

Bulk Materials

Coal, Gypsum, Iron Ore, Kaolin, Limestone, Petroleum Coke, Sulpher Prill, Wood Waste, Wood Chips, Wood Pellets →